The Natural Characteristics of Wood


Red oak is very strong, open grained wood that rangers in color from salmon pink to white. It is sometimes streaked with green, yellow and Black mineral deposits that have leaked into the pores of the wood as It was growing. Oak sometimes contains wormholes, knots and wild grain veins that originally carried nourishment to the trees when they were alive. All of these characteristics were stamped into the tree by nature, and in no way reduces the quality of the furniture grade lumber we use in our products.


Cherry varies in color from white to red and on the rich deep brown. Cherry is quite often stained with a red or brown stain to tone out the lighter shades and gives it a more uniform look. Cherry in its natural state makes a very bold statement as a piece of furniture. As the months go by and your new cherry furniture gets older, the cherry reacts to light and begins to darken. Cherry furniture will turn to a dark reddish brown on the dark streaks and the white saps will turn a color that will range from yellow to brown.


Maple is a closed grain wood that is predominantly white in color. Quarter sawn planks of it reveal random rays of wood grain that are usually outlined in fine, dark brown lines. Occasionally it shows small, black dots that are reminiscent of bird’s eyes, and it contains random black mineral streaks that are seldom more than 3/16 inch in width.


Black walnut wood is dark, hard, dense and tight grained. It's prized for its strength, grain and color. It polishes to a very smooth finish, and the color ranges from a dark chocolate in the heartwood to a lighter color in the sapwoods. Over the years, natural walnut wood ages beautifully and develops a lustrous patina.


We at CherryStone Furniture try to the best of our ability to match the planks as they are being chosen to make your cabinet or table, etc. and it is important to understand that the above-mentioned characteristics of wood are natural and manufacturers cannot accept responsibility for the way that nature has caused a tree to grow.

Thank you!