How to care for your wood furniture


The imperfect beauty of Solid Hardwoods.

Although Hardwoods are  naturally beautiful, they are not flawless. It is the nature of hardwood to have knots, pitch pockets,mineral deposits, worm holes and unusual grain patterns. Each piece is as individual as a fingerprint and will absorb  stain slightly different - even in the same  boards from the same tree. This is inherent to wood and is not a defect unless it interferes with the product giving satisfactory service.

You may sometimes notice a gap in the center leaf of tables or at the ends where half-tops and filler leaves meet. Solid hardwood will expand and contract due to changing humidity conditions in your home. This is a natural characteristic of solid hardwood and very normal .

Wood care tips

Dust regularly with a clean, soft, damp cloth. Avoid polishes containing petroleum products since they can damage the finish. Even dust particles can be abrasive, so always dust with the grain and not acrooss it.

Placing furniture in direct sunlight can cause the finish to bleach. Avoid placing furniture near heating or air conditioner vents, as this may cause warping.

Maintaining even humidity conditions is beneficial to all wood furniture. Operating a humidifier in your home recommended.

Always use felt disks or coasters when placing lamps, beverages, hot objects, etc. on wood surfaces.

Despite modern, water-resistant finishes, it is very important that water not be allowed to stand on top of finishes for any long period of time

All hardwood grains absorb stains differently. every inch of hardwood  will always be varying degrees of light and dark tones. This characteristic makes your piece beautifully unique and one of a kind.

When storing table leaves, try to always lay flat - standing on end may cause warping.Store in a dry area .

We strongly discourage standing on or tilting back in chairs while seated; it is dangerous & will loosen the joints. (Decorative wood spindles are fragile and will break when subject to undue stress).

All case goods are under warranty by Cherrystone Furniture for one year from the date of delivery against manufacturers' defects.(Damaged goods will not be warranted)

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