About Us

Cherrystone Furniture, formerly named The Oak Gallery, is a family owned and operated business in Littleton, Massachusetts since 1980. We started our business in our parents' basement because we believed we could offer the highest quality product with a better price in combination with great customer service.

After 35 years, we still believe in our mission, and continue to provide high quality solid hardwood furniture that is made in our factory in Littleton, Massachusetts as well as in New England by other local craftsman. By offering both standard and custom made furniture, our customers are able to choose pieces that are the right combination of style, function and individual lifestyle.

Our goal at Cherrystone is to have our customers appreciate the difference of solid hardwood furniture made locally and to realize the satisfaction and enjoyment natural woods will bring to their home. The combination of our high quality, custom made furniture and great customer service will provide customers with a memorable experience when visiting one of our showrooms here in Massachusetts.

We believe in supporting the American economy, and by keeping our entire operation local, we shorten the supply chain, and decrease our carbon footprint.

We are located at 1040 Mass Avenue in Arlington Massachusetts, just 1.5 miles down the road from our former Lexington location. Please come in and visit us in Arlington, Massachusetts. Our telephone numbers are: 781-859-5215 and 781-861-1500.